Sunday, August 21, 2011

World's Worst Guests

What would you think if you invited guests for the weekend and they showed up with bags of cheap candy for your kids (but nothing resembling a hostess gift)? Not that gifts are important, but it's a nice gesture.

What about guests that break some of your furniture, and pee on the rest? Not on the crib mattress or cot they were given, but in your double guest bed? And at the supper table? And lord only knows where else in the house? With no mention made of replacement or cleaning costs.

What if one of their children actually dripped pee on your child's head? At a cottage with no shampoo or shower?

How about if they let their dog run loose - in the lake, the sand, the mud, the neighbour's properties - and never once cleaned up after him? They they let him and his muddy wet paws have the run of your house and furniture, even though you keep your dog downstairs and off the couch?

What would you think if they brought their own food, ate all of yours, then packed theirs up again to bring home? Complained all weekend? Never once did a dish? Refused to clean up their toys? Used all your bug spray? Left their bedroom a mess? Took a pair of your kid's underwear with them?

Would you ever invite them back?

Yet they say they want us to come again next summer...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to the Museum of Nature

The boys find some of the dinosaur exhibit a little scary, but the eggs and babies are alright.

The bird exhibits and children's play areas on the fourth floor are more their speed.
Vanh told the lady running the bird exhibit that his brother was a bird (Max-bird). When she turned to Max he growled at her. Later (when she was out of hearing) he explained that he was a bear-bird.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


The boys didn't quite make it overnight.

An aggressive mosquito attack combined with too much James goes Buzz Buzz has led to a firm conviction that tents, and indeed anything to do with camping, is full of swarming bees. The (third? fifth?) time Vanh woke up screaming that he was being attacked we gave up.

Max got some bites too...
but Vanh got the worst of it.

PS Here he is less than a week later - good as new