Saturday, May 11, 2013

Max the artist

I've been adamant about following the "never draw for a child" philosophy discussed here, and trust the encourage-but-never-force philosophy of writing development, but was getting nervous as the months passed without producing much more than this in the way of representational drawings.

Max asked for help to draw a Batwing. I suggested maybe start with the wheels? He gave his "guess I'm not getting any help here" sigh and drew this. Par for his artistic abilities so far... 'THAT's not a Batwing," he said. "But I know where to see one...
He studied the picture carefully.
First he drew this...
... then this... I was wondering how many pieces of paper it would take before he realized he could not achieve his vision.
Then he drew this.
And then right away this, as if to say see Mom, it wasn't just a fluke.

No longer nervous!

PS Here is more from his portfolio:

Superman and his dog Krypto

Mommy Dragon and her babies
Wonderwoman, Superman, Batman