Thursday, June 30, 2011

School's Out!!!

It is 8:37 PM on June 30. which means that I am off for the summer. I feel a little guilty being so joyous about this. Well okay, not guilty exactly... It's not that I don't love and cherish my students, but we've had a really good year, and they've done what they were supposed to do with me. It's time for me to be a full-time mommy for a few months!

We're starting our vacation with some berry picking, a haircut in a salon(or two? or maybe none), and a new movie in a theater (can you guess which one?). All for the first time - expect lots of photos to come!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road trip

Here is a map of our trip:

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At least, that was the plan. It seemed to take us a lot longer than 3 hours and 58 minutes to get there.

We went a little out of our way to cross on the ferry. As we approached Max decided he didn't want to go on the boat, but was appeased with the promise that he could stay in his car seat. Once aboard he found the courage to check out the view from the safety of Daddy
The boys quickly fell asleep after the excitement of a boat ride, and were refreshed and ready to play when we finally arrived at the beach (at 2:00 - just when everyone else was leaving)

They went right in until their clothes were soaked, then changed to their bathing suits.They were fearless in the waves. Vanh would have kept going if I hadn't called him back.

Now that they knew what to expect the boys were much more excited about the return ferry ride. As we approached Max announced that he wouldn't need to be up with Daddy this time
and they had fun trying to see the water
We stopped at one of many beach-like rest areas along beautiful Bath Road
After 6 or 7 hours of driving a little restlessness set in, but dfun challenges like drinking out of a bottle in a moving car...
... or a Timmie's cup!
helped to pass a little time
They packed their own backpacks for the trip
Max filled his with blocks, which he used to build this lovely tower
Vanh filled his with books
It was really fun to spend so much time together. The boys have no problem spending lots of time on the highway...
...something to do with views like this!
It was also fun just to hang out and chat.
Here we are already past their regular bedtime, and going fast to get to the next rest stop...
...ooops, a little too fast. If you look carefully you can see the (unmarked) police car who reminded us to drive carefully. Wasn't that nice of him?
We finally made it to the pulloff, where everything was made right again with popsicles, a few races, and a motorcycle viewing...

but we were ready for bed after that - almost 10 hours after we left (and 1.5 after bedtime) they started to get a little cranky...
... wouldn't you?
Overall they rocked. We had so much fun we're planning a two-week road trip for next summer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Height update

Today was the first time both boys were willing to stand under the "funny hat" and be measured properly. They are somewhere around 90cm, I was too busy getting them to cooperate to really pay attention, but I remembered to ask, who is taller?
Vanh is - by one millimetre.

Monday, June 6, 2011