Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rice from Tra Vinh

On our way our of Tra Vinh our guide stopped to pick some rice stalks for us, something they do for all the adoptive families. Custom's literature makes it pretty clear you're not supposed to be bringing plant parts over borders, but we figured since "all the families" did it we should too, and even declared it (by printing "rice" on the little form).

Here is what I did with one of the stalks:


Leslie & Shaune said...

i love it Samantha... so nice to have that.

Michelle said...

Samantha effectively produces two- and three-dimensional works of art that communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas for specific purposes and to specific audiences
She demonstrates a thorough understanding of the proper and controlled use of art tools, materials,and techniques singly and in combination. Great job Samantha!