Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The boys don't watch TV but when I found this beautiful version of the ABCs by India Arie I really wanted them to see it. I love the joy in her voice and the way she moves; she somehow gives new meaning to the alphabet song.

A few weeks, several related videos, and many repetitions later, I have no idea if they like the tune, or if they even notice India any more. "Ah-ma" they say, when they want to watch.
"Ah-ma" in a book. "Ah-ma" in the store. Ah-ma is everywhere. And for years, YEARS, through (especially) the tickle me version to the present, I have had nothing positive to think any time I saw the matted red thing. With such a wide variety of obnoxious children's idols out there - many that we actually appreciate - how on earth did we get stuck with Ah-ma?

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Meg and Pat said...

I agree lol...very funny :)