Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

Good Friday - Brewer Park

Primrose Park

supper fun

Easter Sunday

listening to the bells for Easter

Yes I picked my own outfit, why do you ask?

Something is happening in the garden...

Gatineau picnic

Dundonald Park

Leash bunnies

Easter brunch at Auntie Steffie's with MeMe representing the Easter Bunny; she is certainly NOT the real Easter Bunny as we all know he/she is a rabbit, not a human in a bunny suit.

I had to sing "Sleeping Bunnies" in front of people I don't know to get this shot, hope you enjoy it!

Easter is such a beautiful time of year, both in nature and in our hearts. If you have a little extra hope floating around could you send it on over to Van? We really want him home.


Jules and Danny said...

Looks like an action-packed weekend. Lots of great pictures too!

my3 kids said...

What a couple of cuties you have...this is my first time visiting your blog but how nice to see that babies are coming home from Vietnam again. We have a daughter who is from Sounthern Vietnam as well as a daughter who wasd born in China. We also have a son who is 15. Nice to "meet" another Canadian family:)


Chantal said...

Ils sont toujours de plus en plus beaux ! Mais je suis incapable de les différencier, ils sont tellement pareil.

Bye bye

chantal xx