Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vanh, etc.

Here Vanh shows his emerging balance skills and his ability to recover quickly from frustration.

Daddy daycare is in full swing...

... and it shows. The boys LOVE their Daddy and may not even notice when I go back to work in September.


Vanh was chatty at supper and the camera was right there, so I thought I'd try an "interview".

I remember when the "cookie" in the video first appeared on store shelves. I remember wondering who would buy something like that when they could easily make their own, more cheaply, without additives or all that ridiculous packaging.

I guess now I know.

PS Speech update: We attended our "parent information session" at CHEO and found out the boys are doing okay. Although many 2-year-olds will use up to 300 words or more, the cut-off to be considered as having a delay is 50 words at 24 months, and at not yet 22 months, both boys are already meeting this target. We are happy that they are back on track, and realizing how much difference a little understanding and a few strategies can make.

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Francesca said...

That's great that their speech is coming along and so have their infinite smiles!!...