Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stylin' Saturday #6

For the sake of historical accuracy, I must confess it was I who chose the bones, completely forgetting it was boys'-choice-Saturday in my eagerness to have them don outfits which some might call pajamas but are clearly too cool to be wasted at night and thus must be worn on weekends. I had nothing to do with the rest of it, and in fact actively encouraged a variety of coats, hats, and footwear, to no effect - they knew exactly what went with skeleton (maybe) pajamas, and wanted the same as each other - Pooh hat was considered but quickly abandoned when Max couldn't find an equivalent. The one difference today being the specific placement of the sunglasses - Vanh wanted them on his head "yike Mommy" while Max calmly returned his to the preferred position every time I put them back on "properly". I think he may have started a new trend here. Watch for it.

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