Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here was tonight's conversation:  
"Boys I need some more photos."
"What you got?"  
"Me? I get nothing... Well, hopefully I get some good photos."
"No, what WE get. Vanh and Max."  
"Oh, you think you should get something for the photos? Okay, well, what do you want?"
"Show! (specifically, There Goes a Dump Truck)  
"I have some chocolate cake..." (Hoping to lure them away from TV with something I was going to give them anyway)
"Oooh, chocolate cake. I have chocolate cake. AND a show."  
"Uh uh, you have to choose. Pick one - chocolate cake or a show."
(Pause for careful deliberation...)
"Okay, I want to go watch a show..."
"Okay, if that's your choice-"
"... and AFTER, I have chocolate cake."
I brought the chairs out and showed them how Vanh's chair goes here and Max's here. Vanh looked carefully at the picture and carefully placed his hands and feet. Max grabbed his chair and ran away giggling, holding the chair against his bottom. I confirmed that there would be a show, then supper, and then chocolate cake. He came back and arranged himself.
Here they are shouting "CHEESE!"
Darling boys, you are SO MUCH FUN. I love you!

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