Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stats update

Visit to Dr. A, today; "She didn't need to check us, Daddy. It was just for a talk. And the Dr's office had stickers for us." At 3 1/2, Max is 35 pounds and Vanh is 34 pounds. Updated heights were not obtained due to the inability of heads and bodies to stay in position long enough to be measured, but they are within an inch of each other. And healthy as always! We are going ahead with genetic testing to find out if they are identical or fraternal twins, as there is still nothing physical to indicate one way or the other (Dr. A, like 75% of you, thinks they are identical).

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Chantal said...

That's funny, my 19 months baby girl is 24 pounds lolll Only 10 pounds less than the twins. My baby is fat lolll

Genetic testing, very good idea !

Chantal xx