Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to Kindergarten

Yesterday after school we were invited to the boys' school for a "Welcome to Kindergarten" information session.  Since I will be giving the same kind of presentation next week at my own school, there were no surprises.  Except one - they will have a teeth brushing program as part of kindergarten!  A dental hygenist comes in every day to help the students brush their teeth after lunch.  How wonderful is that.

Each child was given a backpack full of school supplies to take home.  They were told to go ahead and use the supplies over the summer.  Max and Vanh have been using things like tape, glue, and scissors for quite a while, so I thought they would be relatively appropriate with the new items.  I let them go ahead and explore.

They began by using their new scissors to cut open their new boxes of crayons.  Within minutes the scissors were broken, and the crayons were all over the place, their boxes in pieces.  I explained that these kinds of scissors were only for paper, which they proved by cutting all the covers off of their new notebooks. 

Next they found the new pens, which they used to draw on the new erasers.  The crayons were used to draw (one quick picture per page) and then the pages were glued together.  I showed them how an eraser works, to which Vanh said, "Oh, sorry Mommy, I put glue on that," and went back to cutting up his notebook.

So in less than an hour, the entire package of brand-new school supplies was reduced to a chopped up sticky mess.  Welcome to kindergarten!


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I love this! What a great retelling!