Thursday, June 28, 2012

Graduation from the PFLC

Today was the last day of playgroup!  The boys will try Vietnamese school in the mornings this summer, and they start in full day Junior Kindergarten this fall.  Hopefully they show some sign of giving up their nap soon. But Daddy will be around to bring them home at lunchtime if not!
Vanh included his grandparents and his cat on his list of friends.  In response to "How old are you?" he replied, "Uno, dos, tres!"
Max insisted he was four until it was pointed out this meant he would not have a birthday in a few weeks.  His favourite song is his self-composed "The fruit song - it goes like this:  La la laaa, la la la laaaa..."
For graduation presents they were allowed to have anything they wanted at the corner store.  Max found a small firetruck and picked his fave from the freezer, a strawberry-kiwi fruitsicle "because it's BIG Mama".  Vanh wanted a cone and a small bag of mini-oreos, "because there's LOTS Mama".  Then I was serenaded with "Mine has lots."  "But mine is big."  "But, mine has lots."  "But, mine is BIG."  all the way home.  This is not an uncommon conversation during walks home from the treat store, and seems especially hilarious to bystanders when the debate is big versus long.

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Elizabeth said...

They are so cute! Are they off to Junior Kind. next year? We don't have junior kind in BC.