Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Twin Clothes

Like most parents of twins and all parents of adopted twins, we did our homework. We know that years of careful research and statistical analysis has shown that it is better for development to separate identity through different clothing and dissimilar names.

So why do so many people still ask why they aren't dressed alike? Most people assume they are boy and girl, even if they are both in the most stereotypical blue/ brown/ car & truck encrusted boy clothes I can find. One woman got quite angry with me ("They're twins? Why aren't they dressed the same?"), like I was deliberately trying to trick her or something

Today I decided to dress them identically, just for fun, and realized that unless I want them running around preschool in their sleepers they have no matching outfits to wear for this time of year. So I'm off to shop for twin clothes!

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Red Sand said...

We mostly dress our boys differently... for the indoor clothes. The outdoor clothes, however, were gifts or finds that didn't offer options, so we're mostly dressed alike, defeating all of our careful efforts. It'll get easier over the years.