Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picture with Santa

Here are the photos you've all been waiting for - the boys'
First Pictures With Santa Claus:

You may be wondering - where is Santa? And where are the babies?

I wasn't there but apparently they refused to cooperate even long enough to get one of these. But they got to keep the candy canes.

Now if we could just decide which one to use on the Christmas card...


Meg and Pat said...

I like the second one. They are clearly of two minds in it ;)

B said...

Our visit really was about 1 second. Handed him to Santa, Santa held on tight, and took him back after 2 quick digital shots...hard with two unless there are 2 adults.

Donna said...

Ha! Too funny! I guess kids will always have their only ideas about this sort of thing.

Send me a good photo of the two of them and I'll photoshop them onto Santa's lap!


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