Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terrible is not the word...

So we are weeks away from two years old, and two terrific happy little people have exploded out of my babies. So far the only thing remotely terrible is the whining, which apparently subsides when I, specifically, am not around, making it at least a good reason to go back to work.
Now if the phrase were Mischievous Twos, Manipulative Twos, Train & Truck-obsessed Twos, or Very Vocal Twos, that I could relate to. But get back to me in a few months.

Speaking of vocal, I am pretty sure we are no longer even a little behind, at least according to those checklists. Adjectives and prepositions are starting to appear; Vanh uses the number two correctly and Max can identify yellow and blue. As for their interests - here is Vanh's goodnight list from a few evenings ago:
'night Dora
'night Elmo
'night cars
'night trains
'night trucks
'night monster trucks
'night Dolly
'night Taffy
'night Neow

Somehow (ahem) they saw a video of monster trucks driving over other cars and smashing and stuff and now they think monster trucks are the be all end all of existence.

When I asked them what they wanted to wear this morning they both said, "trains." And they were very very insistent about this, nevermind they only have one item of clothing between them with a train on it. Luckily I found a onesie with three animals in a row and convinced Vanh it was an "animal train". I wonder if I could find something with monster trucks on it, make that two somethings...

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