Saturday, May 14, 2011


Max wanted his "with triangles" and "a little more off in the back please mommy" (his exact words) while Vanh requested "not (no cutting) over my ears" and went for more of a bowl cut.
I don't cut their "bangs"; that's just the way their hair has grown in in the front.
I keep telling myself that next time I will take them to a real kid's hairdresser, but I've stopped believing myself. There's just no way they would dare sit in the chair, or the airplane, or the little car, or whatever. They won't even touch the little mechanical tractor at the mall - let alone sit in it - although they are obviously entranced by it. TV and candy would entice them, but not enough to overcome their suspicions.
Maybe next time - but for now I think they look beautiful!

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