Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bus Safety presentation

velcro:  a new challenge
Picked his own hat, bag & shoes
Max chose a Hot Wheels backpack, and Vanh took the one he picked at kindergarten information
 Time to go for a ride! 
They were asked, "What do you hold to go up the steps?" 
Vanh said, "bar!" and Max said, "wailing!"
A little nervous...
...ready to be brave...
..."Bye Mommy! Se ya later!" 
 Um, we are coming too this time...but nice to know you are ready!

Max had a lot to say


B said...

Is this organized by the school? Nice idea!

Elizabeth said...

Great idea. I know the kindergarten kids where I used to live up north got bus safety as most came to and from school by bus. When does school start?