Saturday, August 18, 2012

Swiss Athletics Lunch Bag, aka the holy grail

Here is Vanh to introduce his new lunch bag to the internet:
It is a Swiss Athletics from Zellers and as far as we know this is the first picture of one posted on the web, ever.

 Max wanted to participate in the presentation too but was told he would need clothes. He had an idea.
Here he is modeling the lunchbag in its most extended position. You could stuff enough food in there for a week.
 In its most open position it closes with a zipper.  Sometimes it's sticky.  We wouldn`t recommend this lunchbag if the zipper is crucial to you.
Could I get some help please?
 It closes with velcro too, and the long strips make it adjustable to keep everything snug given a variety of container configurations.
Here it is closed with velcro. I'm a little frustrated here because I worked hard to close that zipper, and Mommy opened it up again right away so she could take a picture of it closed with the velcro.
My lunch cube!
 There's a separate compartment on the bottom with a velcro flap. We were thinking of using it for drinks, so if they leak nothing else gets wet.
Hey what else is in here?
My ice pack!
It holds a lunchcube, sandwich container for snack, 2 drinks and 2 extra snack containers easily, with enough extra room for little ones with developing spaitial abilities to pack and unpack everything independently Oh, and the mesh in front is perfect for a napkin.
Can I take this to school Mommy?

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