Tuesday, January 19, 2010

18 months old

26 pounds
2 1/2 feet tall (77 cm)

Still having two naps a day -mostly. Did you know that 90% of 12-month-olds have two naps a day, but only 10% of 18-month-olds do?

Walking, a little running, curious and exploring but not huge risk takers. Climbing up stairs but nervous of our steep straight ones.

Talking a little and using signs. Playing and eating, mostly serious but sometimes laughing lots.

Darling little boys, we love you so much. Happy 1 1/2 Birthday!

Cakes made of 18 profiteroles

Vanh eyed one suspiciously...

... replaced it, then returned the whole plate to the table.

Max liked his!

To be fair, Vanh had a miserable cold and no appetite. You can hear him in these quick videos of Max:


Red Sand said...

26 pounds already. You guys are doing amazing! We're at the same point at 29 months! Happy 18 months.

Tony and Rett said...

Happy 18 months! Such big guys! Looking so adorable too!