Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brotherly love

Max was fussing in the corner, so I asked Vanh to get him his blanket and picked up the camera:

You have to listen closely and understand "Oord-speak", but there is a conversation happening as well. Once you know that "Eish" means "Here" and "Aulk" means "Beast", this is what you should hear:

Vanh: Here is your blanket to cheer you up.
Max: I don't want my stupid blanket!
Vanh: No really, here, take it, you'll feel better.
Max: Stop, get it away from me, quit touching me!
Vanh: How beastly. (to me) Beast!
Max: I'm a beast.
Vanh: Yes, a beast. I'm going to go play my guitar now.

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