Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Adoption Day!

Today is the official anniversary of the day we became a family

In honour of this event, here are some never-before-seen photos from that day:

Beautiful Loan

One of many ferry trips

Another ferry full of scooters, and a bus

The hotel in Tra Vinh

Happy Daddy

The Vietnamese officials who gave us our children

This is where we were supposed to stand and pose as a new family
(I just figured that out)

A nice photo - I guess a year ago I didn't think anyone would be interested in just us!

Our first moment as a family of four

Signing their Vietnamese passports

Vanh with his daddy

Two of the boys' wonderful nannies

Happy Famiversary!


Francesca said...

Thanks for the new photos, seems like just yesterday to me!!...

kerosene said...

I really want you to know how much my Mom appreciates your blog. Really, really.
Love the 'new' pics. Can't wait to see the family soon.