Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just a couple of things I want to remember:

This morning we had a delightful little girl come for a playdate as her family is considering us for home daycare. Of course we wanted the boys to make a good first impression, but tried to keep expectations realistic (and bribes nearby just in case). When the boys started to fuss a little I let them chose snack and they hauled out a box of wheat sticks - with only one package left inside.
Now, you have to understand, the whole big deal about wheat sticks is not so much the actual crackers, it is the PACKAGE - red, mylar, crinkly - and it is very important that each child have his own. So there we all were in the kitchen - me, two boys, one lone shiny loud package, and a third toddler expressing interest - what is that crinkly sound? with her parent, relaxed on the couch, having absolutely no idea of the potential for meltdown level that is hovering in the air... I say, calmly, "Oh, look, there is only one package, so you will have to share." And share they did, first with each other, and then Vanh took over and shared with their guest (who thanked him each time it should be noted).
Vanh, I was so proud of you this morning, I know you were feeling a little jealous about sharing your Mommy and Daddy, but you let it go enough to share your favourite snack too, and your sweet little soul just shone.

Later in the day: boys hanging out in their foam chairs when Max's slipped off the corner and squished back, with Max ending up half lying on the floor - not hurt or upset, just in an awkward position to get himself up, especially as he had managed to hold on to his rice cake. Vanh got out of his chair, crossed the room, and helped his brother get up and straighten his chair. Then he sat back down and they finished snack. Could you BE any more lovable.

Max uses a couple of dozen words now, but what he really likes to do is "read" them. He finds "his" pictures everywhere and loves his photo book. Books have been both boys' "favouite toy" for months. (It's not that we don't want them to be literate but while their choice seems advanced their reading material is not, and after the 368th time reading a one-word-per-page board book you start to hide them.)
Max, I love reading with you, you look up to the left a little when you are trying to remember a new word and I love love love to see you thinking like that. And thank you for offering me your fruit this afternoon, I know how much you wanted it.

6 more months at home - how lucky am I!


Francesca said...

Yes definitely moments to not forget!!....thanks for sharing with us....

Meg and Pat said...

Awesome post! :)

Michelle said...

Happy belated adoption day!!!!! It is such an emotional time. The boys are growing up. You are blessed with such kind and sweet little boys! They are blessed with such kind and sweet parents!