Monday, November 15, 2010

Big changes

Tonight I tucked in Max with 1 big bear, 1 little tiny bear(his words) and a mother kangaroo with twins. Vanh had 2 blue bears named Two, 1 bear named Frog, and a bunny rabbit.

You have to understand, up until two days ago the boys wanted nothing to do with stuffed animals. They would sleep with books and the occasional truck, but anything remotely cuddly and soft would be tossed immediately. I didn't talk about it much because so many dear friends and family had given them stuffed toys, but they really had no interest. When we took everything out of their room once they moved out of cribs, we didn't bother with the stuffies, and they remained untouched.

But now - the teddy bears are slowly moving in to our lives. They sit at the breakfast table and get fed. They have naps and are told they are loved. They jump on the bed, and are told to go to sleep. And they get tucked in at night by a mommy who is completely besotted with her little boys.

PS No this is not a hint for Christmas - we have more than enough thank you!

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Meg and Pat said...

So there is hope for Van yet!