Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have to tell...

I'm sorry sweetheart, I have to tell. This story is just too funny to keep off the internet. And you're only two years old. You're not old enough to be embarrassed.

So, last night HE was sitting in the bottom of the shower after it was turned off, umm, investigating himself. The shower is separate from the tub, and has one of those old-fashioned circular drains in the center.
"Look Mommy!" he said. "Digger!" So I looked, and sure enough he had, umm, manipulated himself into the back-and-forth bend of a construction shovel and was pretending to dig up the drain holes.
"Well, yes" I laughed, "Little tiny digger."
"Lit-tle ti-ny BIG DIGGER!" he agreed gleefully, sending me to the kitchen in paroxysms of laughter to share with Daddy.
When I came back it was obvious, umm, something else was going on.
"Look Mommy! Elephant!"

At least I didn't say your name.


Donna said...

SOOOOOOO glad you shared that!! Too funny! I am at my desk laughing hysterically!

Chantal said...

C'est tellement drôle !!!!

Meg and Pat said...


Catherine said...

That's so funny! I'm laughing my head off. What a great story!