Friday, November 26, 2010

Here comes Santa Claus

The boys were apparently a little traumatized by the Santa Claus parade, which started late and required a lot more clothing of its audience than we had on. When I mentioned Santa the next day Max responded with "No Santa. No blankets." and later, "No Santa bring toys."

We were really hoping for more success with the "picture with Santa" this year. Thinking a little preparation might do the trick, my parents brought them to the mall to see Santa's set-up before Santa arrived, so they could practise walking up the step and sitting in Santa's chair. Once Santa got there they forgot everything and clung to their grandparents in terror, although they did admit later that "Santa said Hi Max," but reminded me again, "No Santa bring toys."

Vanh was lamenting the end of the Halloween candy and mentioned there was “no more white chocolate,” so I asked if he wanted Santa Claus to bring him some. The following conversation ensued:
Vanh: Santa bring brown chocolate Vanh Max
Max: Santa bring brown chocolate Savannah
Vanh: No Santa bring brown chocolate Savannah.
Max: Santa bring brown chocolate Savannah.
Vanh: No no no Santa bring brown chocolate Savannah! Santa bring brown chocolate Max Vanh!
Max: Santa bring toys. Max, Vanh, Savannah.
Vanh: No Santa Savannah. Santa Max Vanh.

At least he included his brother.

To make up for the lack of Santa photos, here are a few others:

At the Experimental Farm. The sign says, "Please do not touch the buck. He is strong and could hurt you."

So nice to have flowers at the end of November! Thank you neighbour.

At the Aviation Museum with Meme & Gumpy.

Hmmm, I wonder where I can find a Santa who sits in a plane...


Meg and Pat said...

Haha! And they included Savannah, how cute. We took Van to get his picture taken on Wednesday. He was really not into the whole Santa thing. He turned and looked at him and said "Banga ba?" (not sure what this means but he says it all the time) then got down and proceeded to run out of the Santa enclosure.

B said...

At the mall this morning we went to "wave" at santa in a friendly manner...from 50 feet back. Trauma. Weeping. Screaming. All morning long no matter where we strolled in the mall dude was asking about the location of Santa in comparison to the location of the dude. No way no how will he be lap sitting this year.

Samantha and Woody said...

"Banga ba?" means "What's/who's this/ that?" Our boys used to say "Eass?", which was fun when they met my friends for the first time (Max: Eass? Me: Don't call Peg an ass). Don't worry - it's involved into a clear and appropriate "What's/who's this then?"

Read carefully - MAX includes Savannah. Vanh very vehemently tried to dis-include Savannah. Um-hmm.

Bev - haven't given up yet. We just need more ammunition.