Friday, January 21, 2011

30 months old

It's a momentous day. The 30-month measurements are in and what many of you have been saying for months is true - Vanh is officially taller. Max is 88cm and Vanh almost 89cm, or 2'11". And, in keeping with tradition, they both weigh 30 pounds. And if there is only one parent to put them to bed they still insist on being carried up together. Yikes.

Oh, and if you are thinking, "Those boys have giant heads," you are right. At 52cm they are at the 99%ile for America, or off the chart for Vietnam. I suspect a lot of their weight is in those heads as well, because their bodies are slender considering they're at the 15%ile for height and the 50th for weight. They still have soft spots, about the size of a quarter.


M3 said...

Little sweeties!!
I can't carry both anymore and it's a bummer.

Chantal said...

So sweet !

kerosene said...