Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It was time to celebrate birthday 2 1/2. I got out the camera for the requisite commemorative photos and video, and the boys showed me what they've learned lately:

How to Torture Your Brother
If your brother is waiting for the cloth you are using, be sure to clean every single speck of your face, hands, and highchair tray before passing it to him. Better yet, clean everything twice, especially if he really wants it. He has to wait his turn.

If you finish your cupcake before your brother, announce to the world that the cupcake he is eating is now yours. This will make him immediately stop enjoying his cupcake to defend its ownership. Keep claiming it's yours until he gets too upset to eat.

It may be obvious but it needs to be stated - if it appears your brother is actually trying to take your cupcake hit him.

Once you have been hit you are the victim and need do nothing but howl. Refuse all attempts at apology from your brother. He deserves to feel bad forever.

Just for the record - if I hadn't been filming I probably would have scooped up Max right away - we respond to hitting by consoling the victim first, then dealing with the apology. And I have to point out that the "Don't worry, he knows how to share" strategy that you heard works 99% of the time - just not when the camera is rolling apparently. I think someone knew how rotten he was being, however, as he's never said "Sorry" that quickly before either. All in all not the celebratory milestone video I was going for, but an interesting enough snapshot, at least to me!

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