Sunday, January 23, 2011

(Title changed due to internet weirdos)

It was -31C with the windchill. I like that our old house is a little drafty (lots of fresh air), but there are a few days a year when that fresh air is a bit... nippy. Certainly too nippy to take off your socks and pants and play half-naked, so of course that is exactly what the boys kept doing. I needed a way to keep their feet and legs covered that they couldn't easily remove. I was also thinking about the fact that they were going to a show in an arena later, and envisioning the little piece of skin that pops out between the socks and the pants sometimes, and calculating the of the number of minutes that it takes for skin to freeze at these temps...

They were quite delighted with their tights. Vanh didn't want to take his off!

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