Saturday, February 12, 2011

Giving and receiving outfits

Van's success with his size 1 baby clothes, bought for his G&R, led me to thinking that perhaps the outfits they actually wore would still fit too - and that if they would, it would not be for much longer. So, I dug them out of the "Remember Boxes" and the boys happily slipped them on for a photo shoot(okay, I may have mentioned something about looking for candy afterward but I definitely didn't promise anything).

I find they look astonishingly alike here

and then back to their very different-looking selves here

Yes, Mommy mixed up the shorts, each is wearing the shorts his brother wore on Adoption Day.

I love how their adorable, happy personalities shine through in these next photos

Daddy insisted on scooping them up for a photo - perhaps he was re-creating memories
February 20, 2009

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Donna said...

Oh. There are just soooo precious! Too cute! Love their fashion!