Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tết party

All dressed up for the party - they chose these traditional Chinese outfits from the "special" drawer.
Vanh's is size one, which is the smallest size for Vietnamese children's clothes. It was bought for him to wear at our giving and receiving ceremony, but the boys were already so scared we didn't have the heart to change them at the time. He's had plenty of chances to wear it since - and we have the matching outfits their nannies dressed them that day in to treasure.
Max's is size two. Anyone know where I can get traditional Asian outfits in size four around here?
Did you notice earlier when I said, "My first visitor for Tet..." as opposed to "Our first visitor..."? That was because my parents were the first visitors to our house that day (while I was at work). What a perfect gift for the year of the cat!
This is what their faces look like when they see their Auntie Steffie coming up the walk...
Dancing to the Beatles "Baby You Can Drive My Car"
Bánh chưng


Jules and Danny said...

Hey Sam,
There is a store in the market where we looked for new stuff for Molly. Can't remember the name of it, but in the back they had SHELVES of traditional Asian outfits, most actually said "Made in Vietnam" on them. The prices were pretty good too!

Stefanious said...

Ah - thanks for posting that photo of them looking out the window - I love it!!! xo