Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tết fête continues

That didn't last long. Specifically it didn't last the 3.2 seconds it took me to hand the lantern to Vanh after it was together and pick up the camera. Well, it was the wrong colour for New Year's anyway - the boys correctly identified it as a "moon lantern"
New shoes, with Diego, and Little Cub, and Dora's backpack! Vanh's are darker blue, and his Diego has a drum.
Happy Year of the... Cat?
There's something simian about these kitties, but their paws and jaws are cat-like enough... What do you think?
Baby bottles for their babies!
The boys tried chocolate covered almonds for the first time this year. It certainly made them... energetic. Here is Vanh drumming on Daddy:
Here is Max wearing a bottle:
Here is Vanh after dumping his dinner and wearing his bowl as a hat:

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