Sunday, July 3, 2011

First movie theatre

They were transfixed from the moment we sat down, though the ads, the previews, the short, and the feature film. Max wanted to "go back and see the rest" when we left before the credits finished.
I wasn't sure how much of the plot was going in, until Vanh covered his eyes when an explosion was imminent. He liked it when Mater got a tree on his head.
They were equally excited with the "very big juice" afterward.
Vanh didn't want to leave - he wanted to "go see the other Cars movie now". Having little frame of reference for the concept of "sequel", he had interpreted the "Cars 2" we had been talking about as "two Cars movies".
By the way Nana, you were right, these new shirts are size 3x. But the shorts are a small size 2.

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Francesca said...

They're growing up so so fast!! I still remember that photo when you held both of them in your arms for the first time...seems like yesterday!