Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Third Birthday!

From Mommy and Daddy
MeMe & Gunmy, Auntie Taffy, Nana Diane, and birthday guests Oma, Matteo, and Ben also gave you special presents.

You thought this was your bowl (because it's blue) but you didn't mind sharing

Max was very concerned about the location of his cake while we were singing Happy Birthday to Vanh... we know because he asked, "But where's Max's cake?" quite loudly. And often.
Here's Max's cake!

All three candles with one blow, way to go Max!

With all the talk of "Max's cake" and "Vanh's cake" you didn't realize you were supposed to share, but you didn't object when we explained.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful little boys. You are such fun to be around!

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Kjbikakis said...

Happy birthday sweet boys! You guys are getting so big! I hope you had an amazing and wonderful birthday!!