Sunday, July 31, 2011


Every year the Vietnamese Canadian Community of Ottawa hosts a fun family picnic.
This year it was at Andrew Hayden Park.

Did you know that balloon sticks work as straws?

Max asked for a giraffe

Vanh waited a long time. He was almost the last one when she said he couldn't have another, she had already made him one. Luckily I heard her and held up Max. What did she think, he put on a wig and changed clothes to get a second balloon?

(Twin parents - has this ever happened to your kids? That someone thought they were the same kid trying to do something twice? We also got "in trouble" once at the dentist; they had appointments on different days with different dentists, but at the same clinic. Dentist #1, who saw Max, was quite cross when he saw me visiting Dentist #2 with Vanh - he thought we were there for a second opinion.)

An accidental snap as Max flopped down unexpectedly into my lap

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