Monday, August 9, 2010

August weekend

Our field trips were a little less complicated this weekend. I realized last Friday, when I prepared to take the boys to the wading pool for swimming lessons, then figured they'd prefer our little plastic pool in the backyard, and they ended up running around in their diapers with the hose - and clearly having the most fun possible (sorry no photos - you wouldn't believe how much water got where in the three seconds it took me to dash in and grab sunglasses, never mind the camera) - anyway I realized that we don't need to drag the boys to crowded, over-priced keener-parent traps for photo ops, I mean exciting educational experiences . Everything is exciting to them. Although I have to admit I share their feelings for this field of rocks.

These beautiful photos are by Shana, a soon to be famous photographer from Montreal, who dropped by as we were leaving. She has asked us for a real shoot, maybe even back at those rocks - stay tuned!

And of course a park is always fun...

(Vanh is in the blue jeans/ black hat)


Meg and Pat said...

Hey! Maybe she's like to shoot baby Van too ;)

Christine said...

She is an amazing photographer, but it helps to photograph amazingly cute kids too!