Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speech Update

Remember way back at the beginning of January when the boys were referred for a speech assessment? Vanh had his today, almost eight months after being identified with a possible speech delay. Again, I wasn't going to post about this because I thought it should be private, but it turns out there is nothing to be private about as there is no longer any possible suggestion of a delay. Language-wise the boys are exactly where they should be for their age, compared to other children who are not twins, not tongue-tied(both boys have ankyloglossia), and who heard their mother tongue from the gestation of their ears. So they are most definitely "caught up". Would they have done so without the extra support we were able to give them? Impossible to tell now - but I'm glad we didn't have the chance to find out!

Here are more photos from August, for Oma, Nana, & Mari ...

... and M&A, thanks again for the cool fish and crocodile shorts.

PS Can you tell who is who?


Stefanious said...

Like! And no :<

kerosene said...

Here's my guesses:
Max in light green t-shirt.
This one is the hardest.. I think it's Max also in the orange.
I believe Vahn is actually wearing red (Habs t-shirt) and Max is in the brown.
Max the the green.
Vahn in light blue.
Max in green.
And then I think it's Vahn in the Spidey t-shirt.

I'm taking a big risk putting my guesses out there.
Maybe you'll tell me it's the complete opposite which would almost be alright.

B said...

Haven't the foggiest idea...identical I say!

Samantha and Woody said...

They are more different every day - just wait 'till next summer!