Monday, April 20, 2009

9-month birthday

What we can do:
- sit independently, balancing as needed
- get down from sitting position

- creep around using elbows and feet
- babble, sometimes back and forth with each other
- turn in the direction of a voice
- react to a new voice before seeing the person
- react to the sound of a bottle being mixed in the next room
- recognize the word cookie and try to sign it
- feed ourselves toast, cherrios, and cookies (and cupcakes)

- chirp and squeal happily when we see Grandma
- work to get a toy out of reach
- play together independently for up to an hour at a time
- look for a dropped object
- blow raspberries
- sleep through the night once a week; up once for a bottle most nights
- remember where the water dish is and go for it every chance I can (Vanh)
- scream louder than anyone else (Max)


Tony and Rett said...

TWO cute! Hehehe... seriously. The sink bath is adorable!

Happy Nine Months, boys!

Jules and Danny said...

That is quite the list of accomplishments. And still they manage to be so cute!

Ange said...

Happy 9 month birthday! It is so great that you were able to document so many milestones.

Stefanious said...

- wear cool looking black socks with style