Friday, April 17, 2009

Cute, but why?

I just don't get this whole baby fashion thing. I don't know about everyone else, but my babies HATE being dressed. Sleepers with zippers are the easiest and fastest to put on, which means they cry for the least amount of time. So why can't they just wear sleepers, at least until they start to walk? We were at CHEO a few days ago (more on that later) and there were month-old babies dressed in shirt, pants, socks, and sweater - because they were "out". So of course I came home and decided my babies should be dressed in real clothes too. One hour of screaming later they looked like this

and while I appreciate the cuteness, I can't see how it is worth it to torture them to satisfy...what exactly? My own sense of vanity? Other people's expectations? I really think that regularly dressing a baby in people clothes is a purely selfish act on the part of the parents. Not only is the process frustrating for them, but they don't seem very comfortable wriggling around with their shirts riding up, buttons digging in, etc.

Is this just my kids? Do everyone else's babies coo and gurgle when Mommy pulls out the dear little coordinated outfits? I was happy to recieve this as a gift

it looks like real clothes but is all one piece with a hidden zipper up the back. But most of their clothes is "separates".

So, if you see us walking down the street in our sleepers, please try not to judge me - and I will try not to judge you for putting your own superficial needs over those of your baby - unless of course it is a special occasion. I have to admit, bunny ears and such are their own form of baby torture!

Back to CHEO - no worries, just a check-up at the international adoption clinic. The boys are age appropriate developmentally, in the 25th to 50th%ile for height and weight, and in the 90th%ile for head circumference. They are also quite strong - it took 3 adults to hold Max down for the blood test.

Oh, and the doctor said they look identical to him... we will have to wait and see!


B said...

I'm all about the long sleeved onesie shirt that buttons in the crotch with a pair of track pants. We don't do sleepers. He sleeps in a sleep sack with a long sleeved shirt footy pj's for us...

I also love the one piece hard to find.

Woody said...

I checked your blog before posting - didn't want to insult anyone specific! For sure B always looks very comfy.
We ordered 5 rompers from
but really should have spent the money on a new stroller...

Jules and Danny said...

I must say that whatever works for you is great... I feel no need to put "clothes" on babies that fight it... Are there actually placid babies that enjoy being dressed up by mommy and daddy?

I personally would wear pj's all day if I could, I don't fit into any of my grown up clothes right now!