Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updates from Facebook

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March 2
Samantha is needing more than 2 hours sleep in a row.

March 6
Samantha is excited she got 4 1/2 hours of sleep - in a row!

Samantha is more excited Max took the new nipple - fed both babies at once for the first time!

March 7
Samantha is wondering what parents of one baby do with all their spare time?

Samantha is nominating whoever invented the exersaucer for sainthood

March 8
Samantha is intrigued by her babies' apparent addiction to the weather channel

March 12
Samantha is watching Vanh learn how to crawl - so cool!!!

March 14
Samantha is trying to train the dog to rock the cradle

March 16
Samantha is deciding she is the boss around here and it is #%&!! NAPTIME

Samantha is deciding it is not naptime after all... It is JOLLY JUMPER TIME so there I am still the boss, and the 90 minutes of screaming had nothing to do with it

March 19
Samantha is wondering, does the 3-second-rule still count if the food lands on the dog?

March 20
Samantha is wow, never knew cats could projectile vomit like that

March 23
Samantha is counting... 94 stuffed animals so far (5 are Shadow's)

Samantha is understanding why new Moms gain weight... eating junk is the most fun we have time for

Samantha is happy her babies went to bed at 6:15 but thinking she is going to pay for this later... Like at midnight when they decide it's time to get up

March 24
Samantha is eat, sleep, poop... and now for the babies

Samantha is not letting the dog in until he figures out how to clean his own paws

Samantha is done vacuuming the bed (somebody let the dog in)

Samantha is finished giving the dog yet another bath and thinking it would be less work to just let him do his business in the house. Seriously.

March 25
Samantha is what is with her babies' seemingly magnetic attraction to the space heater? Roasted baby flesh doesn't smell good.

March 26
Samantha is the good news is the boys are growing well... the bad news is they seem to require a bottle every 2 hours to do so, at least between 7pm and 6am

March 27
Samantha is thinking sleepers with snaps are the devil's work.

March 30
Samantha is impressed Vanh can pull out and dump his toy bins... tomorrow he will learn to put them back right?

April 3
Samantha is wondering how to get tomato sauce and blueberries out of baby clothes

April 5
Samantha is wow first time sleeping through the night... or at least first time babies were unable to wake either of us with their screams. Here's to many more!

April 8
Samantha is wondering why, when nearly every other inch of the house contains some sort of baby food particle or crumb, the ants remain obsessed with the (empty, washed) laundry hamper

Samantha is also wondering if whoever rang the doorbell during her bath, thus sending Shadow into a hysterical frenzy, would like to come over and deal with the crankiness which results when 2 babies are awoken by a barking dog an hour before nap time is over?

April 10
Samantha is back from taking the dog for a swim in the canal (no, not on purpose)

April 11
8 j,mmlyccv (from Vanh)

April 12
b jm jh m, (from Max)

April 14
Samantha is HOW do the sleepers get filthy after 20 seconds of slithering when I wash the floor eight times a day? and where can I buy black sleepers?


B said...

What part of the dog?

Crawling babies don't like exersaucers...be careful what you wish for.

Mom's of one baby go for walks and lose weight...or... the weight loss may be caused by forgetting to eat until 2"20 in the afternoon.

Beverly said...

Hang in there girl, better days ahead I promise.


Jules and Danny said...

What a great post... I like the story that facebook tells all laid out like this...