Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playdate with Addie

Here we are posing nicely with our favourite toys:
Max: I like my cockroach.
Addie: I like my dolly.
Vanh: I like my ball...oops.

Max: I like my cockroach.
Addie: Hey, can I see that cockroach?
Vanh: Let's see if I can get my ball.

Max: Look chickie, you don't touch the cockroach.
Addie: Okay.
Vanh: This ball-getting is harder than I thought.

Max: Hey Mom, I caught me a cockroach thief!
Addie: What's with this guy?
Vanh: Never mind his cockroach, what about my ball?

Max: I love my cockroach.
Addie: I love my dolly.
Vanh: I used to have a ball.

Max: Hey, where'd she go?
Vanh: Hopefully to get my ball.

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