Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 10 month birthday!

It will be 3 months tomorrow that we've been together.
How lucky I am to realize how quickly this time goes so I can appreciate every moment.

Not a lot has changed this month... they can now sit up by themselves and are getting around more. They still don't "pull up", I can see some changes coming when they do...

They also have more syllables (ba, muh, va, uh) and seem to have more understood words (mostly food related)


Jules and Danny said...

Wow! They are ten months and you've been home for three months already! It seems like just yesterday. Just wait until they do pull up and start walking. Oh my! That will be busy.

Dawn said...

WOW ~ 3 months already?!
Glad they are doing so well!!

Michelle said...

Happy ten months sweethearts!!! Three months and I bet you can hardly imagine life without them!!! Who gets to eat all those yummy looking cupcakes anyway????