Sunday, May 24, 2009

Facebook update

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April 15, 2009
Samantha is very happy to find out she can extend her leave to June 2010 without losing her right-of-return to her school!

Samantha is finished with the credit card, problem solved thanks to

April 17
Samantha is uhoh...

April 24
Samantha is experiencing very cranky but well-vaccinated babies

Samantha is wondering how to tell the new neighbours they need to stop having parties on the balcony under the babies' room?

April 25
Samantha is happy to announce cranky no-nap babies sleep for 11 hours at night

Samantha is listening to more Raffi thanks to Tracy

April 26
Samantha is guess who has 11 teeth?!

April 27
Samantha is learning to keep credit cards away from the computer

April 30
Samantha is liking this Mommy thing

Samantha is considering cutting her own hair again

Samantha wants visitors to come back more - what should I be doing to entice them?

May 1
Samantha is thinking you can never have too many crib sheets

May 2
Samantha is wondering where and how to hang this outdoor baby swing?

May 5
Samantha is trolling for visitors...

May 6
Samantha took almost 100 photos of the boys playing in a tub of water and thinks you want to see them all

May 8
Samantha is thinking there is no cuter sound than 2 babies laughing

May 9
Samantha is wondering what to say when people ask if her twins are identical

May 11
Samantha is needing more visitors (except during nap time)

May 13
Samantha is hoping this devil's-food cake with fudge icing will help her entice visitors so she can get a shower

Samantha is still lonely and unwashed but at least I have cake

May 16
Samantha is 14 teeth, ouch

May 17
Samantha is happy, happy, happy! (Daddy has 3 days off)

May 19
Samantha is

May 24
Samantha is enjoying the best of all worlds

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