Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We were invited to a picnic by our adoption agency with "a delegation from Vietnam"... we were very excited to find this included "our" orphanage director and other staff we had met in Vietnam, as well as all the staff from our agency that we had not met in person! We got to ask who was born first (Anh means older brother, we were right). It was also great to see the other adoptive families we know, and to meet a new one.

PS More photos on Aimée's blog


Mom2J&I said...

Wow! How fantastic!!!!!

Heather said...

You are so lucky to have this opportunity. I bet you guys had a great time. The boys are so cute.

Best of Luck,

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Jules and Danny said...

Sounds like a great outing!

Michelle said...

It was such a special afternoon. I was so thrilled to see you guys there. I posted a picture of your sweet family on my blog... I hope that is o.k. Let me know if you have any concerns and I can take it down. We must make a point to see each other as soon as school is out. Wading Pool party! My house.
BYOM(Bring your own Mama)

Talk to you soon,