Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday post #3

Here are some photos of the boys on their birthday,
2 years old
2'9" tall

They got identical pj's for their birthday (because how could you give one monster trucks and one something else?) and hats that were not in colours I would have picked (due to my obsession, I mean organization issues). With the end result being that I couldn't tell them apart all day and am still not sure who is who in all of these photos.


Donna said...

Cool shades! Cool PJ's!! Adorable boys!

Happy birthday, little ones! Can't wait to see Post 1 and 2!

(And have you ever gone back in my blog and seen just what incredible outfits my twin used to wear when I was in charge!? Oh - I used to get compliments ALL the time! teeheehee. Enjoy your days! They are numbered!!)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday sweet boys! Love the shades.

MaRiZiA said...

Sweet boys.