Saturday, July 31, 2010

More firsts...

So, when does it count as having lost a child? Do you actually have to report that child missing to someone in authority? Or do you just have to be thinking about doing so?

We were back at the Children's Museum, possibly the most wonderful place in the known universe, when the adventure occurred. I have helpfully found you a link to a map which you will need to keep track:

Children's Museum floor plan

Take a minute and open that in another window. Find #19, The Port, where Daddy and Vanh were playing. Now find #17 to the right, where Max and I came from. Max rushed to join Daddy, and Vanh... disappeared.

You have to understand, our kids don't run off. In a busy public place they tend to keep us in sight. So it was really, really weird that he was out of sight, yet we couldn't hear him discovering this and getting upset.

Still looking at your map? We searched around 10, 18, 13... nothing. We split up and Woody headed back to check 14-17, while I did 7, 8, 9, 20, 21 & 22. At this point I was reminding myself that there is statistically more chance that we would win the lottery than have a child snatched by a stranger, but I was headed to the front desk anyway when I saw this

at #5. He had obviously been there for some time as there was a very puzzled looking group in the back of the bus, patiently waiting for their turn at the wheel.

Is your map still open? Find #19 again. Now find #5.


A (slightly) less child-endangering milestone occurred moments later, as the boys experienced their First Drink from a Fountain.


Donna said...

ACK!! My worst nightmare!! It (so far) has only happened once - at a mall....where ALL stranger kidnapping happens, right! I literally pciked up Austin and "threw" him in everyone's face - have you seen THIS child? Looks just like HIM, but with a RED shirt on??? LOL He, too had been lured by the dight of a BIG TRCUK in the play area!

Glad you found you adventure boy! Glad he's safe!

Francesca said...
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Francesca said...

Glad this turned into a story to tell!...and not something else....I know that this children's museum is supposed to be for children; however, it is a busy busy place and full of all kinds of nooks and hiding places....everytime I've been there it seems there is someone who has a child that escapes from their sight...too many interesting things to see and explore, which I guess is both good and bad!! glad everyone is safe and sound....and that one day you'll be able to share this experience with the boys!!