Monday, July 19, 2010

Turning Two

The weekend started with an informal gathering of families in the area with children from Vietnam. Hosts E and B generously offered family property and organized a perfect day. In addition to the variety of inflatable toddler toys, delicious food, and wonderful company, we were close enough to an airport that the children were treated to clear views of airplanes, some at astoundingly low altitudes. We couldn't have arranged a more perfect treat for our boys.

The children proved a little more difficult to photograph as a group than last year...

... except when they slowed down to eat.

The next day many of the same people plus our family and friends joined us at home for a Turning Two celebration.

A long couch and a musical Thomas video proved the key to the group photo this year.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

They have no idea why all these people are in their backyard.

Happy Birthday Max! Happy Birthday Vanh!

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