Friday, July 30, 2010

Hiking in the Gatineaus

We tried a hike that was described as, "easy, with gently rolling hills," which is not exactly how we experienced it. The boys still managed to walk/climb several kilometers (at least a mile) on their own.

"Beeg wock!"

Another milestone (ha) occurred when we arrived back at the parking lot at the same time as a cyclist was pulling in. "Bike!" Max announced proudly. "Yes, a bike," replied it's owner. And without really expecting a response I tried,"What colour is it?" to which Max beamed back, "Wed bike!"
Over the last few days this question has continued to be answered with increasing accuracy. So, it looks like they know colours. Some colours. Sometimes.


M3 said...

Oh I love that first picture of the boys. One of my faves ever.

Meg and Pat said...

Ah yes...the "hike" lol. Van was none to happy with our decisions that day. Maybe it was the issue of his lack of appropriate attire, or perhaps the very soggy diaper we failed to notice and change. Ah well, lessons learned. I did enjoy the spectacular view from the bench though!