Friday, April 1, 2011


I read this in a blog
I want to challenge everyone to write something good about mothering. It is tough, we all already know that. But write a poem, a song, a post, a story or even a photograph that tells what is awesome about having kids. If 15 years from now this is the one and only surviving thing that your children get to read about this time in their lives, what you want it to say? What would you want them to know?

This morning I head the unmistakable sound of the rocking chair hitting the floor coming from your room, before I realized you were awake. (One of your favourite ways to let us know you're up.) It stopped as soon as you heard me at your door, but I saw you quickly flop back down in your bed.
"What was that banging?" I asked, to which you replied,
"I not banging."
"But Max, I heard the noise of this chair hitting the floor..."
"I not banging. I riding my motorcycle!" And you straddled the side of your bed and demonstrated...

Your quiet, "Don'go wouk Mommy," breaks my heart every time, so I noticed right away when you came out with a confident, "You not goin' to wouk today Mommy!" instead. I started to remind you that yes, I had to go, when you interrupted with a big grin and a, "No Mommy. You 'tay home. You sick!"

You tell me broccoli is for Mommy and Daddy, "not for boys." You love chocolate, and marshmallows, and lollipops.

Vanh, if there is a choice you will always choose blue.

Max, if there is a choice you will always choose monster trucks.

More than anything, baby boys, I want you to know how much joy you bring. And when your daddy turned to me last night, as you were running and giggling and jumping around the kitchen, and said, "Did you know it would be like this?" I knew exactly what he meant.


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