Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stylin' Saturday #23

A little unoriginal but I was glad Vanh finally picked these striped jeans from the pants drawer; I think they're adorable.
Vanh's been into his piglet jacket lately, while Max has a favourite blue vest
Max's monster truck hat - and his sweet smile

Perhaps the most significant item this week is what they are not wearing in any of these photos - diapers.


B said...

I think no diapers is very exciting...most of the time. But if you are desperate and have to let them pee in an unconventional place (like a ditch on the side of a rural road) be prepared that they will want to do that ALL THE TIME from that moment forward. So don't go there if you can avoid it.

M3 said...

Woohooooo on no diapers. Huge step.

(And I heart those striped jeans!)

Jake Koprowski said...

I'm with you, love the striped jeans! Your boys are the cutest ever!