Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sure, I can share our recipes...

A current favourite:

Candy Carrots
1. Cook carrots, drain.
2. Pour on maple syrup.
3. Toss and serve.

I got it from M3's blog, sort of. I didn't read her recipe link, just the part where she mused about it being better with real maple syrup, then thought, "Maple syrup and carrots? That sounds yummy" and there it was. We eat the whole bag.

Another fave of the boys is also adapted from a twin blog, this time D's smoothie recipe. We've been using it for about a year and it has evolved into this:

1. Dump a handful (per person) of whatever-cut-up-leftover-fruit-is-in-the-freezer-from-yesterday's-snack into the blender. Banana is good if you have one.
2. Pour in a little milk and/ or a couple spoons yogurt. (If you don't have either, coffee cream and an ice cube will do in a pinch.)
3. Whir and serve.

Sometimes it's liquidy and sometimes it's more solid like ice cream, the boys don't seem to care. I add a blue freezie to Vanh's to make it blue (doesn't work but he sees it go in so it's blue enough for him), and just a few strawberries when Max orders red.

Finally, there is this classic:

Cereal in a Bowl with Milk
1. Offer choice of cereals
2. Pour choice(s) into individual bowls
3. Add milk

Be careful with that one - you don't want to take away its specialness...